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Improving Your Leadership Performance Through Dedicated Executive Coaching

Dr. Marilyn Puder-York
Dr. Puder-York

A trusted advocate for both promising and established senior leaders, Dr. Marilyn Puder-York, was a licensed psychologist in New York for forty years. She is one of the first coaches to apply cognitive-behavioral psychology to the enhancement of executive careers.

Executives face a multitude of challenges that test their leadership and its impact on their business and on others every day. Dr. Puder-York understands how these business disruptions steal focus from an executive’s day-to-day responsibilities and ultimate long-term success of the organization.

In order to serve their business with continuous purpose, Dr. Puder-York’s shared goal with her clients is to ensure that they maintain – even enhance – their executive leadership during challenging times. She achieves this by focusing on how best to maintain her client’s equilibrium, forward momentum, and resiliency through their thought and action.

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Through one-to-one executive coaching, she helps clients realize excellence, not perfection, by applying her deep clinical training with an insightful, supportive and candid approach to:

  • Maintain resiliency through change and upheavals
  • Adjust behaviors to fit the work environment
  • Increase confidence and self presentation for navigating toward career opportunities
  • Enhance leadership, communication, interpersonal and self-management skills
  • Identify and manage blindspots to achieve superior performance

A passion for assisting talented people achieve their best for themselves and their organizations, Dr. Puder-York also shares her knowledge and counsel as author of “The Office Survival Guide: Surefire Techniques for Dealing with Challenging People and Situations” (McGraw-Hill).

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