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Resiliency Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Self-Awareness and Self-Management are the cornerstones of resiliency.

Self- Awareness

  • Recognizing the impact the environment has on you
  • Knowing and accepting how external triggers make you feel and think
  • Being able to answer: What are my natural assets? What are my vulnerabilities?

Self- Management

  • The ability to control your emotions and thoughts in order to convert fear into positive anxiety that fuels adaptation and innovation
  • How can I leverage my assets and mitigate my vulnerabilities?

What is the Resiliency Inventory©?

The Resiliency Inventory© is a self-assessment of mindsets and behaviors that contribute to resiliency. It is intended to help you maximize your resiliency by:

  • Identifying your natural assets and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Helping you find ways to identify your natural strengths, blind spots and reflect on opportunities.

How does it work?

The Resiliency Inventory© designed by myself and Lauren Ashwell is designed to stand alone. A tool and “tutorial” you can use on your own. 

If you would like more information regarding The Resiliency Inventory©, feel free to contact us at or