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Executive Coaching Services

Dr. Puder-York designs her executive coaching as a comprehensive and highly personalized one-to-one experience. The goal is to maximize fast-track achievement, while minimizing conflict between a valued executive's personality, style and interpersonal talents and the achievement of the company's business plan. Sponsored by an organization, the coaching is tailored to meet the objectives of both management and the individual client, depending upon the nature of the issues.

Who does it help?

Candidates are both promising and established executives, and professionals who have valued technical expertise or organizational knowledge. The executive coaching will address issues such as:

  • Coping mechanisms to help self and others maintain resiliency;
  • Need for enhanced leadership style/behaviors;
  • Problems adjusting to new, fast-track promotions, management style, or to any major organizational or environmental change;
  • Interpersonal and organizational agility;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Communication with directness and empathy;
  • Behavioral styles with "rough edges" that impair credibility, performance and fit.

How does it work?

The executive coaching process, honed over years of experience by Dr. Puder-York, generally consists of five phases. Over a period of three months to one year, Dr. Puder-York:

  • Reviews the issues concerning the candidate with management;
  • Meets with the candidate to reach an agreement on objectives and clarify roles;
  • Conducts assessment and constructs a leadership development plan;
  • Monitors and reinforces the candidate's progress;
  • Gives management periodic feedback until the objectives are achieved.