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Benefits of Executive Coaching

The demands on individual executives - especially exceptionally talented executives - have never been greater than in today's environment.  Competitive pressures, market and regulatory agencies' demands, corporate restructuring, and rapid changes in technology, culture, and the expectations of others, put a premium on resiliency and adaptability.

Much like professional athletic coaches, the executive coach seeks to improve motivation, focus, technique, performance, commitment and direction. The coach's job is to formulate goals, and to maintain a star player's interest in resilient growth, in continuous improvement, and in commitment to the goals of the team. The coach also provides an impartial, professional assessment of the players, through the observation and analysis of performance.

A star executive, like a star athlete, increases his or her resiliency by working with a talented coach.

Dr. Marilyn Puder-York offers a unique perspective on executive coaching. She integrates her years of senior-level corporate experience with her over 30 year experience in coaching high potential/performance executives. Dr. Puder-York works with executive clients to help them identify goals and strategies to enhance their work performance, develop flexible responses to changing realities and fulfill - even exceed - their potential.

Dr. Puder-York helps executives to:

  • Maintain resiliency through dramatic changes

  • Adapt to ever-higher levels of achievement and expectation

  • Develop and modify leadership skills and management styles

  • Adjust specific habits and behavior

  • Enhance communication, leadership, interpersonal, analytic and self- management skills

  • Identify and manage internal barriers - blindspots - in order to achieve superior performance

The result is enhanced effectiveness for both the individual executive and his or her organization.