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How to Remain Productive with Change

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Change is constant.

And change is good, says Marilyn Puder-York, PhD, a psychologist, executive coach, and author of The Office Survival Guide.

Sometimes, though, when one moves into a new job role, and/or has a life change (such as more kids) it can be difficult to change with the demands of the new job and life circumstances.

Change Sometimes Leads to Decreased Productivity

Productivity can decrease when these changes occur in life. Also, the way that you worked in your previous role might not work in your new job.  

“In different stages in life, productivity may be defined differently because life gets more complicated, tasks get more strategic in addition to being tactical, roles change, we have more to do, more people to take care of, and things become more complicated,” Puder-York says.

“Many people that I’ve worked with have been on the verge of derailing because they haven’t made the accommodation or the adaptation from their younger selves to their older self, where time management (being able to prioritize) and delegate really become essential for productivity.”

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